On 03 September, WiN IAEA showcased women involved in IAEA’s Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT).

Oftentimes the IAEA is described by the press as a nuclear watchdog, a pest eradicator and/or a nuclear safety and security adviser for its Member States. The late Director General Amano put a great amount of effort in investing the Agency’s resources towards development activities, such as addressing the growing global cancer crisis. At this event, we introduced women at the Agency and its partner organizations who are taking on this globally relevant issue by highlighting inequalities in access to life-saving cancer care and how we can all come together for greater action to support women and girls in need of cancer services around the world. They also talked about their backgrounds and how they chose to join the IAEA and PACT and gave us a quick preview of the Scientific Forum – entitled “ A Decade of Action on Cancer Control and the Way Forward” that will take place during the 63rd General Conference at the VIC, on September 17th-18th. View the PACT outreach materials here: https://www.iaea.org/services/key-programmes/programme-of-action-for-cancer-therapy-pact/outreach-materials

1) Lisa Stevens, Director of PACT
2) Kirsten Hopkins, IAEA Radiation Oncologist, NAHU
3) Carina Schneider, Project Manager, Childhood Cancer Europe
4) Anja Nitzsche, Head of Resource Mobilization, PACT

View the event on our YouTube channel

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