Naida Dzigal

“I see WiN IAEA as a unique opportunity for women to take advantage of an existing network with over 30 000 members worldwide. We have often been denied the benefits of informal networking, as well as mentoring. It is time to recognize the importance of nurturing interpersonal relationships and sharing positive experiences with fellow WiNners. Some of the best advice I’ve received was from another WiNner and it is those moments that have helped me make better decisions and create connections based on respect and mutual recognition.”

Gabriele Voigt
WiN Global President
Anna Burger
Events Coordinator
Stephanie de Sio
Secretary and Membership Coordinator
photo of Susan
Susan Cohen-Unger
Events Committee

Susan Cohen-Unger, born and raised in Sydney, Australia, holds degrees in anthropology, English literature (Sydney University) and linguistics (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne). Following her heart, she studied Italian and la dolce vita in Perugia and then moved to Vienna, probably for the rest of her life. She has spent many of her waking hours compiling reports, editing publications and teaching writing for the Agency, resorting to creative writing for much needed comic relief. A participant in her writing courses, Eva Gyane — then president of WiN IAEA —invited Susan to join, a step neither has regretted. Besides writing and editing for WiN and for the Echo, the Agency’s staff journal, Susan recently started writing and publishing children’s stories. Now, she can’t stop.