• WiN Global Conference 2015 hosted by WiN-IAEA;
  • Women in the Workplace: Dealing with Mobbing and other forms of Harassment;
  • International Youth Nuclear Congress in Burgos, Spain: IYNC 2014;
  • WiN-IAEA Workshop on Conflict Management in a Multi-Cultural Environment;
  • New Sourcing Strategy for Qualified Women;
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Lecture Series;
  • WiN Europe General Assembly 2014 in International Atomic Energy Agency;
  • WiN-IAEA at the 58th General Conference;
  • Vice President WiN-IAEA receives WiN Global Honorary Award 2014;
  • WiN Encounter in Beautiful Bali;
  • First IAEA Safety Review led by a Woman;
  • The Witch of Seibersdorf is Gone;
  • Harassment in the Workplace;
  • Win-IAEA and Japan meet in Tokyo.

WiN IAEA Newsletter no. 10 – 2014 (pdf)

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