Vienna International School

21 March 2020

8:00 – 18:00

Str. der Menschenrechte 1, 1220 Vienna-Donaustadt, Austria

Together with United Nations Nuclear Young Generation and the Vienna Chapter of INMM, Women in Nuclear IAEA is organizing a Science and Engineering Fair for International Schools in and around Austria. The Fair creates a venue for the younger generation to experience and participate in science and consider scientific and engineering fields for their future. Each participating student will receive a certificate and a large number of cash awards will be given to projects judged to be exceptional in each of many categories. Highly qualified judges from a wide area of scientific fields are responsible for determining award winners.

Student at the Science fair

The link to registration and instructions, requirements and rules of participation are all spelled out below. These include projects divisions and categories, reporting, display set up and disassembly, display size, use of electrical power, safety precautions and special restrictions. It is important for participants to strictly abide by these rules and ensure that the requirements are fulfilled.

Additional information:

You can also find the project suggestions pdf and the project titles from a previous INMM Science Fair here: