Newsletter no. 13 – 2015

Special Issue: WiN Global Annual Conference 2015 Topics: Conference Highlights; In Front Line for Climate Change; WiN Global Awards 2015; Reflections; The Young Generation in the Spotlight; Interview with Laura Rockwood; Interview with Peter Rickwood; Working for the IAEA Factsheet; UNFCU Supports WiN. WiN-IAEA Newsletter no. 13 Special Issue 2015

Newsletter no. 12 – 2015

Topics: WiN Global Conference 2015; Workshop: Moving Toward Self-Appreciation for Improving Interpersonal Relations and Team Work; 46th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT 2015); Israel's Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Safety, Safeguards and Security Policy; Dinner with US Permanent Representative to the UN and CTBTO; Academic Symposium Meeting in NY, USA. WiN-IAEA Newsletter no. 12 - 2015 (pdf)

Newsletter no. 10 – 2014

Topics: WiN Global Conference 2015 hosted by WiN-IAEA; Women in the Workplace: Dealing with Mobbing and other forms of Harassment; International Youth Nuclear Congress in Burgos, Spain: IYNC 2014; WiN-IAEA Workshop on Conflict Management in a Multi-Cultural Environment; New Sourcing Strategy for Qualified Women; Nuclear Fuel Cycle Lecture Series; WiN Europe General Assembly 2014 in … Continue reading Newsletter no. 10 – 2014